What should you know about BIO cream with Argan oil from Avebio?

Dream about the skin deprived of wrinkles is closer than you think. Great and natural way on vitality and elasticity for the skin is BIO anti-wrinkle cream from Avebio with Argan oil and 95% of natural ingredients. It is a complex solution to the problems of mature skin.

BIO cream with Argan oil from AvebioCream’s base is Damask rose water, which hydrates and smoothers skin, slower ageing processes, normalises pH and supports skin regeneration. Main active ingredient is of course, Morocco’s Youth Elixir, i.e. Argan oil with really strong anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, regenerative and nourishing properties. Besides Argan oil, very important role fulfils rosewood oil, which stimulates skin regeneration. Avebio composition is also enriched with Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, starflower oil, wild rose oil, aloe vera juice and sunflower oil.

In what way does it differ from other anti-wrinkle creams?

Mainly, with composition, because BIO cream from Avebio does not consist of paraffin or mineral oils, and is almost entirely is based on natural ingredients, including Argan oil in a high concentration.

For what skin type is dedicated Avebio cream?

Avebio anti-wrinkle cream is dedicated for people with mature skin, but also for people with first signs of ageing. Argan BIO cream is a great product for preventive care of skin with people over 25 years old.

Does Avebio cream can be used under the make-up?

Anti-wrinkle cream with Argan oil is a perfect base product, preparing skin for make-up. It works greatly, because of the fact that Argan oil has great elasticity properties and soothes skin around eyes area.

Does BIO cream leave greasy layer?

Contrary to appearances, after taking a look at the long list of vegetable oils in composition, Avebio cream absorbs well, and in spite of its full-bodied consistency is non-greasy.

How efficient is Avebio cream?

Full-bodied formula of the cream with Argan oil makes its application require small amount of product. By applying to the instructions of the manufacturer, Avebio cream should easily last for a half of year, though it may be an individual matter.