What are features of argan oil?

Argan oil is obtained from seeds of a tree growing in North America. It can be distinguished from other oils by the gold colour, characteristic flavour and by featuring many nourishing substances. A lot of people hold argan oil dear because of its health-focusing and caring action.

Owning to vitamins, minerals and fatty acids content, argan oil is frequently used for plenty of care treatments. With the aid of this natural product, we can take care of hair as well as face and body skin. The product provides improvement of strand’s condition, as skin is be shielded against premature ageing. This kind of remedial action is possible due to E vitamin, antioxidants, minerals as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids.

Argan oil has plentiful applications in cosmetology. It can be used as a preparation designed for hydrating each skin type, especially dry and sensitive. Moreover, this cosmetic facilitates eliminating acne, psoriasis, discolourations, allergies and atopic dermatitis. Additionally, it cleanses face and does not clog pores, which, naturally, has its consequence in blackhead-free complexion. Moreover, argan oil firms skin, smooths wrinkles, eliminates stretch marks together with every-women-foe cellulite. It is composed of, among others, sunscreens and antioxidants. Actually, it is commonly used as a natural alternative to hair conditioners.

Application of argan oil for hair pampering purposes is the most prevalent method the aim of which is to improve condition of scalp and strands. Thanks to regularly conducted sessions, argan oil helps with getting rid of dandruff and cuts back on excessive sebum production. Furthermore, the product takes care of hair that gets damaged by being exposed to either improper cosmetics or hairdresser’s treatments such as hair straightening, hair dyeing, blow-drying and perm. Including a wide range of sunscreens and substances counteracting action of free radicals, argan oil can be used as a protective agent for weak and dry hair.