Liquid Gold of Morocco - A handful of interesting facts.

Almost everybody is accustomed with argan oil and knows its outstanding hair caring features. This liquid gold of Morocco is used in cosmetic field since ages, mainly as the method of hair nourishment that is included into many women’s routine. Definitely, because this natural oil is so common, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at this yellow cosmetic. Here we present a handful of more or less known facts concerning argan oil

Argan tree seeds are obtained from goat's faeces.

Despite sounding unbelievably, the seeds used for traditional argan oil pressing process are collected from goat's faeces. Manual manner of argan oil production depends on crushing Argania spinosa's seeds until an oily paste is obtained. The point here is that it is hard to open the seeds, which is why, these are picked up right after being spitted out or evacuated by goats - just to make it easier to crush them. Cleansed, the seeds are opened, beaten down under the sun and mushed in quern. The truth is, this method of obtaining argan oil was used back then. Nowadays, the oil is pressed by machines and the seeds of Argania spinosa are properly protected from goats.

Argan spinosa grows on Morocco terrain only.

It is not without reason that argan oil is one of the most expensive plant oils used in cosmetics. Argan spinosa grows on Souss plain in Morocco. This area covers only 800 hectares world overall. This area containing valuable natural resources is under protection and flagged as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Argan oil has got specific, intensive goat scent.

Many people compare fragrance of argan oil to goat cheese. However, the very scent has nothing in common with the way the oil is obtained. Let be reminded that nowadays process of producing argan oil is conducted mechanically. When it comes to the intensity of this yellow and brown oil, it can be described as very characteristic.

Pure argan oil can be consumed.

Argan oil is used in cosmetics and in medicine as a product healing up plenty of ailments. For that reason, the product is associated with external applications only. It is worth becoming aware of the fact that argan oil can be also used as a food oil, which might be used, for example, as dressing for fresh salad or as an ingredient for meat and fish marinade. Berbers tribe living in North Africa use argan oil as ‘Argan Nutella'. This is a sweet mixture of almonds, peanuts, honey and argan oil.

Best Hair Care Products With Argan Oil

Not without reason argan oil is one of the most popular substances used in cosmetics. It is often called “liquid gold of Morocco” and is valuable in hair and skin care. It contains a high dose of vitamin E and is the source of fatty acids of the omega-6 (36%) and omega -9 (49%). Therefore,

Argan oil and its vital ingredients.

Argan oil is one of the most frequently used natural cosmetics. What is its phenomenal popularity owned to? Well, the cosmetic is rich in many valuable ingredients that take good care of whole human organism. However, the growing prominence is achieved due to great skin and hair care argan oil serves. Argan oil is obtained

How does argan oil work?

Unquestionably, plenty of significant features distinguish argan oil. It is commonly used in cosmetology, aesthetic therapies and even as an ingredient for preparing dishes. Because of its unique composition, argan oil becomes one of the basic natural cosmetics applied for various beauty treatments performed not only in beauty parlours but also at homes. Action of

What are features of argan oil?

Argan oil is obtained from seeds of a tree growing in North America. It can be distinguished from other oils by the gold colour, characteristic flavour and by featuring many nourishing substances. A lot of people hold argan oil dear because of its health-focusing and caring action. Owning to vitamins, minerals and fatty acids content,