Best Hair Care Products With Argan Oil

Not without reason argan oil is one of the most popular substances used in cosmetics. It is often called “liquid gold of Morocco” and is valuable in hair and skin care. It contains a high dose of vitamin E and is the source of fatty acids of the omega-6 (36%) and omega -9 (49%). Therefore, it is works well for all hair and scalp types and is suitable for every complexion (balances sebum levels of oily skin, it nourishes and moisturises dry skin and simultaneously reduces wrinkles and soothes any irritation and discolouration on the surface). Argan oil strengthens hair roots, combats greasy hair and balances water and lipids on the skin surface.

Without a doubt, argan oil is irreplaceable in hair care. It protects hair when colour-treating, also provides protection against hot air and strong sun. Any women who pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their hair should try this precious oil. It can be found in many products – from shampoos, through conditioners and masks to the products designed for hair oiling. The cosmetics market is full of products containing argan oil. It is worth choosing the highest quality ones – thanks to them you will see beautiful-looking, healthy hair.

Argan oil in hair oiling products

Compositions of natural oils are the best hair care cosmetics you can use. If you dream of a beautiful, fully regenerated, strong hair – try natural hair oils. In this regard, it is not worth agreeing on compromise: you must reach for the best oils available on the market.

Hair Care Products With Argan Oil

The undisputed king of hair oil is Nanoil (Nanoil Hair Oil). Prestigious, beautifully delivered, free of parabens and silicone product that comes in three versions, tailored to the specific types of hair porosity (all for the sake of our strands). Argan oil reigns in each of the three Nanoil hair oils, thanks to its precious rejuvenating and protecting properties. Nanoil hair oil is suitable for oiling not only scalp but also for daily nutrition and regeneration of hair. It repairs, as well as beautifies strands. The cosmetic can successfully replace a number of hair care products (masks, conditioners, lotions, smoothing serums heat protecting sprays etc.). With Nanoil, hair go through metamorphosis in less than 30 days. It is worth mentioning that Nanoil comprises a complex of several high-quality natural oils and a number of prestigious components responsible for nourishing and repairing hair.

Kerastase company also offers several types of oils designed for hair care. Unfortunately none of them is suitable for oiling scalp, but it will work better than many hair conditioners. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe Oil is a product worth mentioning. It contains the largest amount of oils (including large concentration of Argan oil) and relatively little harmless, volatile silicones. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe includes corn oil and camellia oil mixed with pracaxi oil that protect and regenerate even the most damaged hair. Kerastase Oil can be used repeatedly during the day. It also prevents frizz.

One of the most popular oils for hair, containing argan oil is Moroccanoil Treatment. This product comes in a brown glass bottle, resembling the appearance of pharmaceutical drugs. It owes its neat appearance to an azure label. The bottle is closed with a cap and hides a large concentration of argan oil. Moroccanoil Treatment unfortunately contains several comedogenic substances, so you should not use it for hair oiling. Nevertheless, you will successfully nourish and deliver doses of vitamins to your hairstyle. Moroccanoil Treatment will be a great conditioner and a styling product.

Redken brand definitely stands out among hair care products. It created a special multi-nourishing oil that works as a leave-in lotion or conditioner used before shampooing. Redken All Soft Argan is designed to soften hair and deeply nourish it and protect against damage. As a result, the hair stops breaking, brittling and hair tips stop splitting. Additionally, it is suitable for even extremely delicate hair. Redken All Soft Argan can be used several times a day – whenever you feel that your hair have lost condition and is in need of protection from high temperatures, eg. from the hot sun radiation.

Argan oil in shampoos

If your hair becomes dry, unruly, dull and begin to fall out – reach for a shampoo with the content of argan oil. Such product cleanses the scalp and balances the level of sebum and at the same time protects and smooths the strands. Make sure to look for shampoos that are free of parabens and comedogenic substances that may interfere with the action of argan oil.


One of the better hair shampoos with argan oil is Argan Oil of Morocco issued by the prestigious brand called OGX. The company is famous for including natural ingredients into the products; mainly hair oils. Argan Oil of Morocco series is not the only shampoo, but also a hair mousse, cream conditioner and paste designed for styling hair, and a spray to fix hairstyles.

You should also try out shampoo from Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco. This product gently moisturises hair, remove impurities, and used regularly, ensures visible improvement and revitalisation. The composition of the shampoo with argan oil from Marc Anthony also includes shea butter, wheat proteins and pomegranate extract.

Argan oil in hair conditioners, balms and masks.

A shampoo on its own will not provide your hair with proper care. Therefore, it is very important to remember to regularly and continuously nourish it and protect with a hair conditioner (apply it after shampooing and rinsing) and improve its condition and endurance by using a hair mask (it must be applied at least once a week). Remember that hair oiling outclasses every mask. So if you have to make a choice between a hair oil or a hair mask – always choose the former one.

conditioners balms and masks

There is a wide variety of hair conditioners with the content of argan oil. However, you should always check the amount of argan oil on the packaging. Sometimes, there are only trace amounts of the precious oil accompanied by a set of silicones and comedogenic substances.

Nevertheless, it is worth trying out a conditioner form the OGX series: Argan Oil of Morocco – it will be a great addition to the shampoo. Also, a conditioner that provides regeneration and resilience called Precious Argan Conditioner Repair will be a good choice. Moreover, CeCe is a brand that specialises in products that are based on natural oils. Thus a conditioner or a mask from CeCe will be a good purchase. CeCeArgan conditioner with argan oil can be supplemented with a mask to bring even better results.

Another prestigious conditioner, which regenerates and beautifies hair, comes from Gosh. Argan oil will deeply nourish hair and protect it from the heat produced by the blow-dryer. Gosh Proffesional Argan Oil is a product that comes in a large tube, convenient to use and very efficient. The cosmetic has a nice scent that lingers long on hair.