Argan oil and its vital ingredients.

Argan oil is one of the most frequently used natural cosmetics. What is its phenomenal popularity owned to? Well, the cosmetic is rich in many valuable ingredients that take good care of whole human organism. However, the growing prominence is achieved due to great skin and hair care argan oil serves.

argan-oil ingredientsArgan oil is obtained from seeds of African tree called Argania spinosa. This plant lives approximately 200 years and grows up to 10 meters high. Giving fruits every two years, it produces more or less 30 kg of nuts which are a source of approximately 1 litre of argan oil. Yearly, Moroccan women produce 11 million litres of this natural cosmetic. Firstly, they crush the shells to separate seeds from the rest of the nut. The second stage depends on the purpose the oil is produced for. To demonstrate, food oil is made of roasted seeds whereas cosmetic oil is extracted from raw nuts. Actually, there are two methods of pressing argan oil: traditional and industrial. Traditional method depends on mashing the fruits in quern. The muss obtained is mixed with lukewarm water to produce pasta-like consistency. And it is the very mass that is pressed to obtain pure argan oil. When it comes to the industrial method, it consists in machine argan oil production. Being of dark yellow colour, the oil has its own nickname – ‘The Liquid Gold of Morocco’.

Original argan oil owns many vital ingredients. All of them positively influence hair and scalp condition. What is more, they support functions of human organism, counteract severe diseases (not only dermatological) and improve action of other care cosmetics. Basically, argan oil contains: E vitamin, minerals as well as fatty acids. Among them, we can find Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, oleic acid and linoleic acid. The cosmetic also carries such beneficial elements like antioxidants that work as a protective shield against negative action of free radicals, solar radiation and other destructive factors coming from external environment. What is also interesting, argan oil contains natural sunscreen and E vitamin which contributes to making the protective shield stronger.

Thanks to the above-mentioned ingredients of argan oil, this natural substance is able to improve hair and scalp condition. It fortifies strands follicles accelerating at the same time their growth, regeneration and nourishment. During argan oil treatment, hair becomes stronger, healthier and more beautiful. The product works anti-split ends, anti-frizz and anti-static. It counteracts hair loss and brittleness. What is more, it is able to slow down scalp ageing processes. Facilitating fight against dandruff, dry scalp and other dermatological ailments, argan oil can be used for daily treatments performed at a hairdresser’s and home.